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Watch your back dry skin!

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natural makeup A school teacher with a masters degree in elementary teaching for over 8 years, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She’s now 45 with minimum walking and needs around the clock care, but that doesn't stop her from loving her dogs and living her best life. But Ronnie has a few secrets that could help you use your products in other more amazing ways not to mention her own 'Secret Nail Soak formula'.

Do You know What Melted Mango Butter Does!


Melted Mango can be submurged in warm water and turned into a multi use oil. This golden brown oil is pure gold guys! It works best for hot oil treatments, cuts, burns, scrapes. Worried about the consistency? No problem this product will form back  into become a solid once again after being left in room temperature. This can be used for leave in conditioner, moisturizing and even a bath butter by just scooping out a desired amount into warm bath water and allow those oils to begin nourishing your skin. makeup best mascara

The Secret Of Using The Vanessa Melted Mango Butter.


Vanessa The Cancer Warrior

Using the Mango Butter has a secret to it, Step 1. Get out of the shower and completely dry off leaving no water on skin.

Step 2. Take one quarter size amount and rub into skin on desired parts of body.

3. Depending on hair length also take a desired amount and rub into scalp, hair.

4. Both your hair and skin will soak up butter leaving both nourished and very soft.

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The Pedro Shea & Jojoba Scrub


Pedro lost his life to drug overdose. To bring awareness this product has been named in his memory.

Wanting a luxurious bath? Drop some of your Jojoba Scrub into your warm bath water and allow the herbs and oils to redefine the meaning of soft skin! natural makeup



Both Products are a part of the company's launch into Walmart, and both are hands down the BEST on the market if we must say so ourselves. Natural Makeup Available

I've Not Applied Any Moisturizer In Two Days Is This Normal??


Mother nature has played a huge part in this, Our products have made customers give testimony that even up to three days of showering twice a day both skin and hair were still moisturized by the fourth day. BOW DOWN❗️ makeup