Adults Like To Have Fun The Natural Way!

Water Creek Lube


This water based lube has been known to have the neighbors call for noise  complaints, we've taken apricot,natural warming oils and herbs, chocolate and infused them into a bottle for the most pleasurable experience any naughty guest?

Web Launch Date 10/10/19

Sticky Situation


Pop the cherry container open on this delicious body desert. Our Russian cherry syrup is poured over the sweetest spots of your adult playmate for an out of body experience , if possible a tongue in the shower would help with removal.

Web Launch Date 10/11/19 

Snake Choker


Guys this one's for you! Milk and olive oil are great ingredients in food so we've decided to use both in this product. This creamy delectable makes sure that all your self pleasuring moments are unforgettable. Gently stroke each nourishing vitamin into the skin, if your friend makes fun we assure you he was more than likely, one of our free sample giveaway contestants you both ENJOY!

 Web Launch Date 10/12/19 

Back Door Pumpkin


When you want to use the back door try this product for the most easiest access, pumpkins are more useful than you may think as they contain antioxidants like Vitamin A which soothes the skin every time penetration occurs! 

 Web Launch Date 10/16/19