WHAT IS C.B.D? Organic CBD Lotion Available.

Lets keep it simple!


Okay so imagine this super cool plant that has great benefits, within these benefits are even more natural scientifically proven benefits. Clinical research on cannabidiol (C.B.D. included studies of Anxiety, Cognition, Movement Disorders, Neurological Conditions Dementia, multiple  sclerosis , epilepsy and even stroke! 

Run Our Fade Competitors!


Our Bulk C.B.D Private Labeling products will knock out competitor prices on the first swing! Ugh Oh! Through healthy international business relationships were able to provide an array of Natural Based Bulk C.B.D products from Creams, Oils, Candles,Pop Corn and in some countries we feature our Top Item 'Hintons MAC'. Not only are our prices the best on the market in Bulk C.B.D but we also have one of the most talented Chefs creating each edible now beat that! 

Quick Turn Around Shipping!


When purchasing your Bulk C.B.D products several things are on your mind including price and how soon will can will it arrive. Our amazing team of shipping agents are able to get your shipments processed in less than three weeks! Due to high demand this time may vary.




King C.B.D Butter

To Be Honest King is touched by none, Moisturizers understand to bow down in kings presence. With a smooth royal touch and high CBD alongside a MAX DOSE of our in house triple action proprietary tea, infused three times  with vitamin E and nourishing Jojoba oil you can understand why competition is non existent. King takes the throne in a sleek butter box as everything must be fancy. 

Side Note: King enjoys being rubbed on on dry areas, King can be slightly warmed and turns into a bath oil for aches and pains. Kings favorite song is Mc Hammer 'Cant Touch This' go figure.

Death By Butter Maximum

Have you ever eaten a peace of popcorn so delicious, that you would sacrifice your best friend? Or pretend to be dead so you don’t have to share? Both statements have been dramatized for this segment, but Death By Butter is honestly the most delicious treat you’ve ever had! We use fresh popcorn kernels tossed in our secret gooey mix infused with CBD & Butter of course.


Shaka is the most profound product that the world has ever seen! Using golden brown crystalized sugar infused with grape seed oil, goats milk and amla. This product can transform exfoliated areas in less then five minutes after the first use!

Double Decker Baked MAC & CHEESE 🧀

We’ve heard of some mediocre companies using a cheese like powder substance along with chemical filled noodles. Natural Pharms does your dish right! Creamy, tangy and eminently satisfying four cheese blend, olive oil, fresh organic pasta and churned butter from cows raised without antibiotics, added hormones or clowning! 

P.S that’s how defeat feels competitors, let it burn just let it burn!