How Each Purchase Helps The World

Our Commitment To The World


Our company not only depends on customers who choose to live a healthier life style by using our products, but your purchase helps asssit so many diffrent walks of life and organizations. We name our products after strong people who have made this world a better place either with their strength or bravery. With your help we wish to donate over 2,000 products.

1.Direct donations to cancer warriors/Patients.

2.Direct donations to lupus warriors.

3.Providing food for those in need.

4. Direct donations to veterans .

5. Direct Donations to Police Officers. 

6. Direct donations to Multiple Sclerosis warriors.

Our Goal.


Our long term goal is to be able to hold a one year annual Cancer/Lupus awareness dinner inviting warriors of all Cancers and lupus warriors out and donate funds and also products directly to these amazing people. We live by a very special quote "Be the change you wish to see in this world"  Mahatma Gandhi 

Our Journey

Proprietary Blends For The World!


We love you all dearly and would like share more of our ingredients with you!  Some used in your magical natural products are as follows Olive Oil, Lemon Grass, Neem, Jojoba Oil, Grape seed Oil, Chamomile and lavender.

Safety is key guys do not be a stubborn pants consult with your physician before use!

Whom is to blame for these beautiful luxurious products?



The idea derived from the founders family members who suffered from Cancers and other debilitating illness, and the harsh side effects from the corresponding medications. With that said, the condition of both their hair and skin was in terrible shape. The Founder did extensive research using hundreds of ancient Egyptian herbs & oils that make the skin feel like new!  And thus Truly Organic/Hinton Naturals  was born. With every purchase you help  Hinton Naturals assist local men,woman and children in need. 


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